Why choose Franklin Empire?

Interested in knowing why customers continue to do business with us, year after year? The reason for our success is significantly attributed to our philosophy of continuous improvement and our willingness to listen to customer suggestions.

The combination of value-added services provided with the products we supply is different from everyone else. Franklin Empire serves the 3 primary market segments; Contractor, Commercial, and Industrial. Our Industrial department includes our Automation and Control Group who serve as a resource and possesses the expertise available to contractors when needed.

Our longtime customers are familiar with our dedication….ALL OUR ENERGY FOR YOU!



Franklin Empire Inc. has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997 and adheres to

these high standards in order to exceed our customer service expectations.






With over 65 years of experience Franklin Empire is able to cover different markets while operating as specialists in each niche. With branches across Quebec and Ontario, Franklin Empire offers you personalized service and local expertise supported by regional centers of excellence.




Our strong relationships with our suppliers allow us to offer you quality products at competitive prices. Beyond commodities, our in house manufacturing plants, Electro-Mecanik, help YOU save money, help YOU make money by providing you with the support where you may not be comfortable and in effect, our goal is to help YOU be more successful.




As an independent distributor, Franklin Empire's owners are directly implicated in the day-to-day management of the business. They are available to be involved in making critical decisions quickly or program changes to help out our customers. From agility and entrepreneurial spirit, to customer focus, Franklin Empire offers a unique relationship to our customers, suppliers and employees.




In an ultra-competitive marketplace, the reasons to choose a distributor go beyond the obvious needs of product availability, service and timely delivery.

Expertise in specific products or services will distinguish dedicated distributors from the competition. Franklin Empire's continuous investment in training of sales staff and support specialists has earned us an enviable reputation in the areas of Lighting, Energy Management, Automation, Motor Control, Heating and Wire and Cable. In addition, the technical expertise resident in our Manufacturing Plants is available to the entire organization.

We continue to develop and enhance our expertise in other areas, including systems training, to help our customers reduce their costs in the total acquisition process including stock management and automatic replenishment.




Are you currently using our online service?
Check out the benefits that can be available to you:

  • Do stock checks, price checks, back order status confirmation, and place orders, whenever your schedules allow, and to do so using your own part numbers, if you choose - Available 24/7
  • Just because you are set up to use this service, you are not restricted to any of our additional resources
  • We are willing and available to present the system to you, please contact your sales representative or our IT department (q@feinc.com) to get access or more information.

Franklin Empire was among the first electrical distributors to computerize (1980) and our system was designed to be flexible so that we could respond to customer needs. . At Franklin Empire, we can respond to special customer needs bacause we have our own in-house programmers and a can-do attitude. We have been known to generate a new report for a customer, printed or electronic, within 24 hours. This is not commonly available among distributors. THe Franklin Empire website offers an extensive amount of information and tools to help our customers be more afficient, informed and educated about new products and services and improve communication.

If you are not currently receiving your statements by email, please advise your contact in our Credit Department.




Our Automation and Controls group includes several specialists with expertise in specific domains that team up to offer a totally integrated systems approach. They combine knowledge of Motor Controls, Sensors, Programmable Logic Controllers, Automation Systems and Drives, Safety Control Products, Electric Motors, Wireless and Non-Wireless Network Systems, as well as Numeric Positioning Systems.

This highly trained and technically competent group supports sales, design and implement systems, and support our Electro-Mecanik/Playford manufacturing division.




With pressure on all companies to be more energy efficient and reduce costs, Energy Management has become a growth area. Solutions include capacitors, drives, energy efficient motors, lighting conversions and programmable controls - many providing cost payback in just 12 to 24 months. Our energy specialists can guide you through the myriad of devices and options available to reduce energy consumption and eliminate unnecessary costs, while increasing the value of your building and level of productivity. We will inform you about the rebate programs and "green" initiatives in your area and help you make the best decisions.




Franklin Empire's historical reputation for lighting expertise still stands today, as our specialists continue to keep up with the innovations and developments, in the fast changing world of lighting.

Click here to learn more about what our Lighting Specialists can offer you.




As the only electrical distributor in Quebec and Ontario with in-house manufacturing and repair facilities, Franklin Empire offers you:

  • A turnkey solution and the ease of doing business with one phone call
  • Shorter lead times

Our manufacturing facilities in Montreal and Quebec City manufacture:

  • Power Factor Correction Systems
  • Control Panels
  • Drives
  • Heavy Duty Unit Heaters
  • Tank Heaters.

Our repair facilities in Quebec City and Alma repair:

  • Motors
  • Industrial Welding Machines
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Automation Equipment

A team of experienced technicians can perform Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing, Motor Testing and Preventative Maintenance.

Refer to our Service section for more information about all of our available services.


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