Automation and Control

Our Automation and Control Group offers a high quality service thanks to their technical advisers, product specialists and application engineers that support Franklin Empire's customers. Our complete demo equipment allows us to verify our client's applications.

We advise the customers before their purchases, and help them with the technical implementation of their projects.

Automation and Control

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Power Factor Correction Systems


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A detailed analysis of your electrical needs by our specialists is an important step in selecting the proper power factor correction system.

Our standard design and our detuned systems are known for their unique concept as well as their high quality components. Because of their sturdy construction, the capacitors used in our standard design can also be used with detuned inductance for harmonic protection. The switching contactors are equipped with line chokes to limit the current inrush. This protects the capacitor and gives extended life to the main contacts of the contactor.

Our electronic controller manages the entire system. Each output of the unit is individually fused for best protection.

We recommend that once the unit is installed our field technician performs a start up and gives training on the maintenance requirements of the system. We also offer a preventative maintenance program.

Our products are seen in industrial plants, commercial buildings, or any electric utility users where there are electric motors. Just ask our consultant or your local Franklin Empire representative.

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Low Voltage Capacitors


This exceptional product line covers all types of applications with capacitors from less demanding to very severe service. They all feature the following core characteristics:

  • Compactness
  • Easy access to connecting terminals
  • Elimination of internal overpressure and damping resistors
  • Multiple and interchangeable cells
  • Being ideal for detuned systems
  • A rated voltage of 690V dry type and 800V oil type 
Power Factor Consultant: Jasmin Fortin
Tel: (418) 683- 1727 x 78233
Fax: (418) 687-1726

Supervisor Power Factor Correction: Gilles Després
Tel: (418) 683-1727 x 78466
Fax: (418) 683-6712

Factory Manager: Guillaume Bégin
Tel: (418) 683-9476 x 78436
Fax: (418) 683-6712

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Control Panels

Our plants, established many decades ago, build electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic control panels using either the customer designs, or our own. We can also generate CAD documents and specifications, as required. 

Factory Manager, Electro Mecanik: Guillaume Bégin
Tel: (418) 683-1727 x 78436
Fax: (418) 683-6712

Division Manager: Guy Drolet
Tel: (514) 341-9720 x 71299
Fax: (514) 340-1240





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* Control cabinets including speed drives, programmable controllers and many other automation components

Our extensive experience enables us to integrate all facets of industrial electronic control process. The panels may include electronic starters, variable speed drives, programmable controllers, user interfaces, computers, monitoring software and much more.

*Pneumatic and Hydraulic Controls Integration

We have the knowledge, vast experience and possess all the necessary equipment to build and test all kinds of systems involving pneumatic and hydraulic controls and instrumentation.

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Electrical Motors


Representative: Patrick Harvey
Tel: (418) 480-1950
Fax: (418) 480-3555


Technical Motors Specialist: Jasmin Fortin
Tel: (418) 545-8313
Fax: (418) 545-9360


Technical Motors Support: 
Michel Gervais
Tel: (514) 341-9720 
Fax: (541)341-3907


Sales Representative: Martin Levesque
Tel: (613) 596-1144
Fax: (613) 596-3231


Technical Motors Specialist: Jasmin Fortin
Tel: (418) 683- 1727 x78233
Fax: (418) 687-1726

Technical Motors Specialist: Michel Carbonneau
Tel: (418) 683-1727 x 78235
fax: (418) 683-1726

Manager: Guillaume Bégin
Tél.: (418) 683-1727 x78436
Fax: (418) 683-6712

Trois Rivières

Technical Representative: 
Louis Simoneau
Tel: (819) 375-1613
Fax: (819) 375-1191


Manager: Bertrand Hamel
Tel: (819) 780-1541
Fax: (819) 780-1547

*Exclusive Distributor of Siemens motors

US Motors
Brook Hansen
GE Power Controls
Universal Electric














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Heavy Duty Electrical Heating




Manager: Guy Drolet
Tel: (514) 341-9720 x 71299
Fax: (514) 341-1240





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Playford unit heaters and other heating products are renowned for rugged construction and reliability. They are suited for the most demanding applications, in mines, pulp and paper plants, steel mills, hydro dams, etc. All heaters are backed by a 5 year warranty.

*Playford Unit Heaters

Unbreakable...Specially designed heater bars, very resistant to moisture, vibrations and other harsh environments. Stainless steel core and high temperature refractory insulators - High quality nickel chrome alloy resistance wire coils-stainless steel bus connections and hardware-Totally enclosed, sealed ball bearing fan motors, mounted outside the hot air stream-Manual reset thermal cut-outs-All units include controls and mounting brackets.

*Custom Tank Heaters


  • Designed on application, all sizes, all ratings.
  • Low watt density elements last longer and protect the product being heated.
  • Ideal for viscous, corrosive or fragile products.
  • Element can be withdrawn without having to drain the tank.

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Industrial Welding Machines / Cutters / Generators

For over 50 years, Electro-Mecanik Playford, a division of Franklin Empire, has been a leader in the industrial service domain in the the Quebec region.
We repair, among others, all types of welding machines and generators. We are an authorized service depot for most major brands currently in use.
Our technicians regularly attend training courses provided by manufacturers, to stay at the forefront of developments in the field.
We also have inventory of welding machines and welding equipment, to help our clients when necessary.






Supervisor: Idola Mercier
Tel: (418) 683-1727 x 78441
Fax: (418) 683- 6712

Technical Consultant:
Tel: (418) 683- 1727
Fax: (418) 687-1726

Authorized seller for well known brands including:

Miller Electric/Canox
MK Products
Cummins / Stamford

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Our IES accredited lighting specialists keep up with the innovations and developments in the fast changing world of lighting (80% of the lighting products sold today did not exist 10 years ago!). Experts in modern, efficient systems and conversions, the specialists are available to design and plan complete lighting projects, or to solve specific lighting problems. In addition to supporting the sales force in their efforts, through our 'Light Lab' (Le Lab d'Éclairage), the specialists demonstrate and teach lighting concepts to professionals and end users.

The Lighting Showroom at our Head office location in Montreal (mini showroom at our Mont-Tremblant branch) accommodates decorators, builders and homeowners.

Stop by to view and learn more about our wide selection of chandeliers, landscaping fixtures, indoor/exterior fixtures, wall sconces, pendants, floor and table lamps, recessed lighting, emergency lighting and ceiling fans to fit your every need.

We'll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect lighting for your home or commercial, Industrial or Institutional project, while staying within your budget.

Montreal Showroom Hours
Monday through Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Lighting Manufacturers

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Small Business Lamp Switch Tool
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National Accounts

Franklin Empire maintains a focus on the National Account Segment and has successfully partnered with many of Canada's top retailers in support if their expansion programs. Our purpose is to understand your retail needs by becoming an active participant in your project management team.

Your Franklin Empire team members will work with you to enhance your lighting while reducing energy costs, reinforce brand identity and develop a dedicated inventory to support your needs.

Check out Franklin Empire's Benefits:

  • BUILT AND READY....your store's entire lighting system is waiting and ready to ship complete in 48hrs. Today's modern lighting manufacturers develop and assemble product, but they seldom stock anything but basic commodity goods. Our Retail division will stock multiple store's complete lighting requirements, including your custom lighting fixtures. Reap the benefits from existing inventory of commonly used and niche items from our client base SHADOW STOCK PROGRAM.
  • BECAUSE WE PLAN....we hold enough stock to maintain inventory, even during the peak of your building schedule. By working with your store's planning department, we stock and deliver your lighting schedule as it was specified. We customize the entire procurement system allowing for the open market to tender or manage your direct purchase agreement. From take-offs to delivery, we get it RIGHT and ON TIME.
  • WORRY FREE WARRANTY....we take the burden of managing your unforeseen problems. Our NO HASSLE return policy allows for faulty product to be exchanged for new product immediately out of our stock, while billing and assessments are done after your store's grand opening, not during or before. We understand the primary objective is to open the store ON TIME and ON BUDGET.
  • PIPE AND WIRE....sure we do that, and much more. Our full line of electrical capability provides retailers with options. Panel boards, wiring devices, dimmers, power conditioning and U.P.S Systems, as well as wire/cable management products like pak poles and underground duct systems, you're covered TOP to BOTTOM.


  • C.A.D Support
  • Lighting Relay Systems
  • Lighting Design
  • Systems for Daylight Harvesting and HVAC Controls
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Construction Site Pallet Id's
  • Take-offs
  • Customer Fixture Design
  • Energy Audits
  • 24 HR 1-800 Emergency Response
  • Single Source Contact
  • Hassle Free Return Policy
  • On-Line Lamp Replacement
  • Dedicated Stock Level
  • In House Technical Support
  • Bilingual Customer Service
  • Updated Energy Policy Information
  • Lighting Innovation Seminars
  • 100% Canadian Company
  • Full Line Electrical Supplier

We invite you to put our guarantee to the test.

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Preventative Maintenance

Our well trained and experiences team of technicians is at your service.

Call our specialists for our services.

* Vibration analysis

No longer should you accept unbalanced equipment, unaligned couplings, over-worn gear boxes, damaged bearings, etc. Call us immediately for a complete vibration analysis at your facility.

We use only the latest, most sophisticated instruments in these tests.

* Dynamic Balancing

We have performed dynamic balancing on all kinds of rotating equipment; impellers, inertia wheels, blowers, press rolls, pulleys, etc... Again, only the instruments of the latest technology are used and we are able to produce complete reports on each part processed.

Did you know that we balance the rotor of every electric motor that we repair in our facility?

*Motor Testing

With the appropriate tools and instruments, our technicians are able to analyze the electrical and mechanical aspects of your motors, and this can be done at your location. Prevent breakdowns: ask us to test your electrical motors today.

*Preventive Maintenance

With the cooperation of your maintenance staff, we will prepare a list of the most critical equipment in your facility. These items will be systematically checked and verified at pre-determined times during the year. The data collected is treated, analyzed and compared to enable us to identify any distortion of the tested equipment. With this information, the appropriate decisions can be taken to eliminate production breakdowns.

We have developed a solid reputation in preventive maintenance through the constant innovation and the application of new techniques. Now let us show you the value of preventive maintenance.


Infrared thermography is a diagnostic technology that instantly shows the presence of thermal energy in equipment. Excessive temperature rise of electrical or mechanical equipment is often a precursory sign of failure. Infrared thermography is an efficient way to detect a problem before breakdown.

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Partnership Programs

Our Partnership programs really work! Tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers, every customized program is backed by concrete action, and designed to give measurable results. Mutual commitment means that customers may expect considerations such as special price & delivery commitments, EDI order processing, and management of our customer MRO inventory, including automatic stock replenishment, (VMI).

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Project Support

We offer complete support on projects. This includes assisting our customers in their preparation of plans and specifications, cost estimates, and proposals and ultimately to win jobs. Project inquiries are broken down by commodity and/or by manufacturer product lines. Prices are sourced and quotes are completed on time, every time! Once you give us your order, it is managed by a team of project coordinators with the objective of shipping the products to your job site complete and when you need it.

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Motor Repairs


We refurbish and/or rewind electrical motors (squirrel cage induction type, wound rotors, synchronous alternators, and direct current) conforming to the highest of today's standards and EASA criteria. The use of top quality material and new technique enable us to improve the overall performance of your motors. 


Manager: Guillaume Bégin
Tel: (418) 683-1727 x 78436
Fax: (418) 683-6712

Assistant Manager: Michel Guay
Tel.: (418) 683-1724 x78461
Fax: (418) 683-6712

Conseiller Technique: Jasmin Fortin
Tel: (418) 683- 1727 x 78233
Fax: (418) 687-1726

Shop Manager : Bernard St-Gelais
Tel: 418-480-1950
Fax: 418-480-3555

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Wire and Cable

Wire and cable has evolved into a complex world of building wires, portable cables, high voltage, control cables, mining and locomotive, data and communication and fibre optic cables, and many others. Understanding complex cable choices and applications is one challenge, while knowledge of how and where to source them is yet another. Our specialist in this field has proven competence in both, with practical application knowledge and close contact with a worldwide network of wire & cable manufacturers.

Many different services are available to help you save time and money such as;

  • Maximizing your inventory by dying and/or bundling your wire and cable, as per your specifications
  • Cut-to-length service on most popular sizes
  • Placement of your multiple wire pulls on a paralleling reel.

Wire and cable specialist: Gaétan Perron
Tel: (514) 341-9720 x 71249
Fax: (514) 341-3907

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